CO2 Flash Chromatography

Environmentally Friendly Flash Chromatography with the NEW eCO2Chrom
Coming SOON to Applied Separations

eCO2Chrom - a competitively priced liquid CO2 flash chromatography system that will rapidly separate compounds with high resolution and significantly reduce organic solvent consumption.

Significantly lower solvent consumption
Lower solvent waste

  • Better performance
  • Faster separations
  • Quicker and easier recovery of separated compounds
  • Increased loading capacity
  • Greater flexibility in separation columns
    - Use smaller particle sizes
    - Different bonded phases
  • Faster Concentration

Multiple sample introduction formats:
- Dry loading onto silica
- Liquid loading onto a disposable column
- Direct liquid loading onto a disposable column

  • Control of both carbon dioxide pressure and flow rate
  • Control of modifier solvent flow rate
  • Disposable separation columns OR
  • Performance separation columns packed with smaller particles
  • Automated system with a user friendly
    interface and software
  • Open bed fraction collector
    - Time-based fraction collection
    - Peak triggered fraction collection