Quickly Determine the Percent Extract in Hemp and other Cannabis Biomass

How much extract is in that Biomass you’re about to buy?
With HempChek - 20 minutes and you’ll know!

Fast – 20 minutes
Safe – no solvents
Accurate - know the percent extract
Easy – simple procedure, the software does everything

Find out exactly how much extract you have in the biomass you are about to buy.

Do a quick extraction with CO2 and in 20 minutes you’ll have your answer.

Applied Separations, Inc. has been providing instrumentation to do this quick analysis for 30 years in other extraction industries.

Now it’s available for measuring hemp (cannabis) extracts.

Applied Separations, Inc. has developed the HempChek to quickly and accurately determine the percentage of extract in any hemp and cannabis biomass.
Everything you need:

  • CO2 Extractor, pressure vessel
  • Accessories – balance
  • Accessories – consumables, vials

It's a proven method.

in the olive oil industry in Europe, here’s how it works:

  1. A farmer drives his truck loaded with olives onto a truck scale and gets weighed
  2. A sample of olives is taken
  3. A quick extraction on Applied Separations, Inc. instrumentation is done
  4. In 20 minutes, the percentage of oil is accurately determined
  5. The farmer gets immediately paid based on the actual percent of olive oil
  6. Now you can get the same assurance with hemp and cannabis.

Don't Trust the C of A
Check it Yourself

Don’t pay for extract that’s
not in the hemp.