Applied Separations has built thousands of supercritical fluid (SCF) systems. From large-scale production facilities, to pilot plants to laboratory systems, from extractions to reactions to impregnations, no process is too big or too small. We work with everyone from NASA to food scientists to companies that dye textiles without water. Discuss your ideas with us, and we'll help you find a Supercritical solution.

Aerogel Drying
Pharmaceutical Extractions
Algae Extractions
Artifact Restoration
Fragrance Extraction
Essential Oils Extraction
Debind Metal Injection Parts
Polymers with SCF
Nutraceutical Extractions
Medical Implant Cleaning
Waterless Textile Dyeing
Food Extractions
Nanoparticle Creation
BioDiesel Extraction
Natural Products Extraction

Applied Separations has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality Supercritical Fluid Systems for use in a multitude of industries. We give the same detailed attention to laboratory-scale instruments as we do to production-scale systems.

You know what you need to do and you’re ready to go – you just need the right supercritical fluid system. Team up with our skilled engineers to determine what system will work best with your application and your budget.

Are you an educator who would love to teach supercritical fluids in the college classroom? The Spe-ed SFE Basic is a great choice.

Are you a researcher who needs to add a bench-top scale system to your lab’s arsenal? The Spe-ed SFE-2 or SFE-4 is a great place to start.

Do you want to start small, but retain the ability to expand your system? The Helix system allows for changing process development needs and budgets. All modules can be purchased initially, or new modules can be seamlessly added to the unit as development needs change or budgets allow.

Are you ready to scale up your operation? Pilot or Large-scale systems can handle multiple high-pressure vessels. You’re limited only by your space, budget, and imagination.

Supercritical Fluid Systems