Helix Configurations

Helix System Configurations

The compact Helix Basic is the simplest configuration

It consists of the:

  • CO2 pump module
  • computer/laptop interface
  • platform holding the pressure vessel

The system can accommodate pressure vessels ranging in size from 24 ml to 1 liter*.

Input, output, and vent lines are controlled by shutoff valves located on the front of the unit.

Pressure vessels are heated by specially designed heater assemblies that accurately control the temperature.

An additional CO2 preheater is employed to ensure that the CO2 is at the designed temperature before entering the pressure vessel.

A back pressure regulator controls the flowrate of gaseous CO2

The Helix Basic is controlled through ASI vision software.

Helix Basic
Helix with vessel

The Helix Basic and ALL Helix systems have these features:

  • temperatures up to 240°C – no technical limitations due to insufficient heat
  • pressure up to 10,000 psi (690 BAR) – get maximum density and solvating power, don’t leave extracts in the pressure vessel
  • holds 24mL to 1L vessels standard; up to 5 liter available – start with a small sample and scale-up—no problem
  • pump flow rates up to 400mL/min (more with 5 liter vessel add-in) extract quickly and efficiently**
  • fully-adjustable, non-clogging, micrometering valves control CO2 flow rate
  • collection into standard glassware, chilled collection to capture volatile compounds, on SPE for further chromatographic separations
  • in-vessel chromatographic capabilities
  • modifier addition capability – extract polar compounds, too
  • multiple flow path – efficiency, efficiency, efficiency
  • extract liquid samples as liquids
  • stirrer capability
  • view cell…capability to look inside of vessel – keep a video record
    configurations for multiple/varied applications, check applications sections

* larger vessels can also be added in customized systems
**flow rate based on incompressible liquid

Fractionation and Separators

One of the major advantages of supercritical CO2 is the ability to fractionate samples by manipulating the pressure in the separator. You can go from extracting at high pressure to discharging an extract at ambient pressure and temperature. Or, the Helix gives you the option of reducing the pressure in a series of steps.

You pick the number of pressure drops - separators - you need for your evaluations. The Helix offers you up to 3 intermediate separators before ending at an ambient condition. With the new Helix configuration, the extractor and the separators are loaded onto a single, operator-friendly frame.

manipulate with supercritical fluids