About Applied Separations - What We Do

Supercritical Fluids

Applied Separations works with companies in many diverse fields – from NASA and aerogels to Universities for research and artifact restoration to international textile dyeing companies forging the way in water-free dye systems.

Our engineers and chemists will help you determine the best solution for your method and guide you to the supercritical fluid system that best suits your unique needs - from "standard" bench-top systems to custom large-scale systems.

Laboratory Consumables

Applied Separations offers custom filling in certified, DNA-free cleanroom facilities for the contract filling of filters, packings, sorbents (proprietary or generic) in spin baskets, polypropylene cartridges, and 96-well microtiter plates, or any other configuration. We can make specialty cartridges - use your mold or ours.

Applied Separations also manufactures a "standard" line of solid phase extraction consumables ranging from empty cartridges and bulk sorbents to filled cartridges.