Lab Scale High Pressure Vessels

Laboratory Scale High Pressure Vessels

Whatever your SCF extraction/reaction needs, we have the extraction/reaction pressure vessel for the job. With the unique large oven capacity of the Spe-ed SFE systems, we have pressure vessels for multiple processing or large sample processing needs. Our pressure vessels range from 5mL to 1 liter for laboratory SCF systems and to 1000s of liters in production size systems. All our stainless steel pressure vessels are rated for 10,000 psi. Endcaps and frits are included with vessels.

Also available are an assortment of laboratory SCF pressure vessel accessories:

  • pressure vessel baskets
  • emergency pressure relief device
  • oven brackets and supports
  • in-line cartridges
  • vessel wrenches
  • polypropylene frits
  • teflon frits
  • metal frits
  • filling funnels
  • seals
  • tamping rods
  • liquid sample extraction kit
  • available for Low Temperatures (to 150 degrees C) or
  • available for High Temperatures (to 240 degrees C)

Vessel Heating

Control in heating vessels is vital in dealing with supercritical fluid work. To this end, we have developed a robust, accurate heating mechanism: a vessel assembly or "clamshell" heater.

No more heating bands that break after using vessels in routine operations. The easy to buckle on "clamshells" shown here are used on all Applied Separations' laboratory pressure vessels when used with:

Nominal VolumeDimensionsEndcap Ports top/bottomASI Part Number
5mL1" O.D. x 5.125" O.L.
.390" I.D. x 2.24" I.L.
1/16411 / 79720
10mL1" O.D. x 5.125" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 2.24" I.L.
1/16412 / 79720
24mL1" O.D. x 8.875" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 5.9" I.L.
1/16414 / 79730
50mL1" O.D. x 15.25" O.L.
.560" I.D. x 12.72" I.L.
1/16414 / 79750
100mL2.25" O.D. x 9.75" O.L.
1.25" I.D. x 4.97" I.L.
1/26415 / 79770
300mL3.5" O.D. x 11.42" O.L.
2" I.D. x 5.87" I.L.
1/27907 / 79070
500mL4.75" O.D. x 9.49" O.L.
3" I.D. x 4.49" I.L.
5/57926 / 79260
1000mL4.75" O.D. x 13.63" O.L.
3" I.D. x 8.62" I.L.
5/57908 / 79080