Helix: Super/Subcritical Dual- No CO2 Separator

Helix: CO2 /Subcritical H2O Dual Use Extraction System with No CO2 Separators

In this Helix configuration with SCCO2 and Subcritical H2O, the same extractor vessel is used for both types of extractions. They cannot be used simultaneously. However, after clean-up from one operation, the other technique can be employed.

The supercritical CO2 part of the configuration is the same as the Basic Helix.

In order to do subcritical water extractions, the Helix employs:

  • a separate liquid pump to pump the water into the extractor vessel
  • a separate collection/condensation system to safely condense the
  • “superheated steam” and collect the desired extracts
  • Applied Separations, Inc. standard vessels configured to subcritical water achieve 240°C. Optionally, vessels can be configured to achieve 300°C.
supercritical fluid system: Helix Basic
A potential operation would be to perform a supercritical CO2 extraction like doing a cleanup and then do a subcritical water extraction like extracting flavonoids and polyphenolics from orange peels including the flavonones, hesperidin and narirutin.