Supercritical Accessories

Applied Separations not only offers SCF instruments, but we also offer a full line of accessories to customize your SCF instruments to fulfill the research goals in your laboratory.

Pressure Vessels
Whatever your SFE extraction needs, we have the pressure vessel for the job. Visit the Pressure vessel page for more information.

Several sizes of low pressure/ambient aluminum containers are available to collect a variety of extracts. Should the extract be highly viscous heat can be applied, or if volatile, chilling can be applied.

SCF Chiller

SCF Chiller

The SCF Chiller for Spe-ed SFE systems is specifically designed to chill the CO2 to liquidity. It is microprocessor controlled, with a small footprint, and nearly noise-free.

Applied Separations now offers new stirrers to go into their extraction/reaction vessels via the 5-Port cap that allows access to the inside of the vessel during your process.

The stirrers are rated to 10,000 PSI, 650°F, and go up to 3,000 rpm. The instrument control panel includes a digital display to monitor rpm. Stirrers are available with different shaft lengths, with a wide variety of impellers available to attach to the bottom of the stirrer.

Modifier/Liquid Pump
Liquid pumps may be necessary for several operations when using the Helix: adding polar modifiers, introducing solvents during PCA, and for the operation of the countercurrent column.

Safety feature of high pressure supercritical vessels

High Pressure Safety

Emergency Pressure Relief Device
In its on-going efforts to make its supercritical fluid and other high-pressure systems even safer, Applied Separations Inc. has developed a patented device to relieve the pressure in a pressure vessel when the normal inlets and outlets have been clogged after extraction/reaction conditions.

Sample Preparation Bags
T.E.A. Bags
Take Extracts Agilely
Applied Separations has developed an easier way to introduce samples into supercritical extraction vessels and extract the
desired wanted compounds. Instead of using a basket, use a T.E.A. bag. As easy as brewing tea, extract compounds from a sample using the new Applied Separations’ T.E.A. bag.